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Lasso is Now Available for Pre-Order!

We’re excited to announce that Lasso is now available for pre-order exclusively on the iPhone App Store. You can find it on mobile by clicking here or go to the App Store and search “Lasso finance.”  By pre-ordering the app, you will be among the first to get it because it will automatically download onto… Continue Reading →

how to use lasso

How to Use Lasso to Reach Your Financial Goals

Reaching your financial goals can be both simple and complicated.  It’s simple because the basic premise can be boiled down to saving money, which you’ve been doing since you got your first piggy bank. It’s complicated because the strategies you can employ to save, invest and plan often can feel so convoluted that the mental… Continue Reading →

how much house can i afford lasso

How Much House Can You Afford?

For a lot of people, investing in home ownership is a good financial move. It can be the difference between paying your rent every month with nothing to show for it, versus slowly paying off a property you can call your own.  Reasons to Buy While buying a house is a good investment for many,… Continue Reading →

Best financial planning apps lasso

7 Best Financial Planning Apps for People Who Know Nothing About Financial Planning

Whether you’re considering changing jobs, or eyeing potential new investment opportunities in crypto, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself in the past year thinking seriously about your financial situation, perhaps for the first time. Workers across America are poised to leave their jobs behind, choosing to embrace the uncertainty of new horizons rather than dust… Continue Reading →

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