Where Should You Keep Your Emergency Fund?

You’ve done the hard part and built a budget, stuck to the plan, and amassed some savings – now what? Choosing where to store your emergency fund is a toughie. Does it belong in your checking account? Behind that pizza in the freezer? Should you just spend it and let your worries melt away? (That last... Continue Reading →

How to Manage Your Money Like a Boss

So you want to manage your money, but you’re not exactly sure where to start – or even what the term “money management” includes.  Whether you’re taking the first steps in money management or are already well on your way, we’ve got you covered with the strategies and tools you need to take your finances... Continue Reading →

How to Save Your First $10,000

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that an emergency fund can come in clutch when the world turns upside down. With so many uncertainties surrounding our daily lives, having a little extra dough in the bank can offer a lot of peace of mind.  Even though we all agree that savings are important,... Continue Reading →

What Should Your Emergency Fund Cover?

If you’ve been considering growing an emergency fund, you’ve likely had the thought: what is an emergency fund really used for? Is it for late-night taco runs or when the car breaks down? You’re not alone – it can be tough to decide which financial burdens fall to your emergency fund and which belong elsewhere in... Continue Reading →

What’s a Roth Conversion (and Why Should You Care)?

Retirement planning is more than just throwing your extra change into a savings account – it’s about creating a long-term plan tailored to your current lifestyle and future goals. With all of life’s ups, downs and unexpected turns, that can get pretty messy.  That’s why retirement planning is so important – it accounts for all the... Continue Reading →

Investing 101: What Every Investor Should Know

Here at Lasso, we love to partner with top industry experts to bring you the best investing insights each week. This piece was co-authored by Nik Schuurmans, CFA, President and Partner at Pure Portfolios. Everybody could use more money – and when it comes to your big goals like homeownership or retirement, even more than just... Continue Reading →

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