What is Lasso?

Hi!  Welcome to the Lasso blog. We’re glad you’re here!  The team behind Lasso is passionate about building cool, simple tools to solve complex problems. Our goal? To offer the tools and resources that make it easier for people to build wealth We come from the finance and tech worlds and have seen firsthand how... Continue Reading →

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What Should Your Emergency Fund Cover?

If you’ve been considering growing an emergency fund, you’ve likely had the thought: what is an emergency fund really used for? Is it for late-night taco runs or when the car breaks down? You’re not alone – it can be tough to decide which financial burdens fall to your emergency fund and which belong elsewhere in... Continue Reading →

What’s a Roth Conversion (and Why Should You Care)?

Retirement planning is more than just throwing your extra change into a savings account – it’s about creating a long-term plan tailored to your current lifestyle and future goals. With all of life’s ups, downs and unexpected turns, that can get pretty messy.  That’s why retirement planning is so important – it accounts for all the... Continue Reading →

Investing 101: What Every Investor Should Know

Here at Lasso, we love to partner with top industry experts to bring you the best investing insights each week. This piece was co-authored by Nik Schuurmans, CFA, President and Partner at Pure Portfolios. Everybody could use more money – and when it comes to your big goals like homeownership or retirement, even more than just... Continue Reading →

5 Things to Do Before Filing Your Taxes

Here at Lasso, we love featuring financial advisors who really get it, and this week’s article is no different. This piece was co-authored along with Robert Schultz of Rollins Financial Advisors   Did you know that more than 150 million individual tax returns are filed every year with the IRS? With every American adult required... Continue Reading →

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